Could not build widget - outdated widget

I have build a new widget based on the existing google Maps widget from the appstore. I have added new functionality and renamed the widget. It build and runs fine locally but when I try to create a real deployment package it gives me the following error message: Could not build your widgets. This may be due to outdated widgets in your project. You can check which widgets failed to build by clicking Tools > Check Widgets. any thoughts on what triggers this error msg? best HP
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Hi Han Pieter

The release notes from 5.16

During the build custom widget are bundled. This step involves compiling the widgets against the official client API as documented here: Widgets that use undocumented functions of the mendix client will cause this step to fail and thus the project build to fail. You can use the logfile generated while bundling the widget resources to determine the cause of the problems. This logfile is available in your project in deployment/data/tmp/dojo/build-report.txt.

So check the build report and you will know which widget is troubling you (section errors)