Some elements dissapear when opening a project on desktop Mendix Modeler

Hi, I have started using Mendix and now am with the very first tutorial. Having followed every step until here: The problem is that after downloading the Mendix Modeler, no matter how I open the project (from the web to desktop or directly opening the Mendix Modeler), in the project explorer I am not able to find things like the first microflow created. Stil, if I open the project online, I can see everything as it is supposed to be. I have synchronized it and updated it, and don't happen to have version issues.
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Hi Pablo,

You've followed this part (link) of the tutorial already, right?

  • Could you try it again and see if you receive the changes from the web modeler into the Desktop Modeler?
  • Could you post screenshots of the changes dock after executing the 'sync with Web modeler' button and the project explorer?


If you use the 'globe' icon in the right corner of the Desktop Modeler, do you than land in the same project in the web modeler (double checking if your looking at the same project from both modeler.)


Thank you very much, Arjan: it happens that the issue was that I pressed "synchronize project directory" instead of "More Versioning/Sync with Web Modeler".

After synchronizing it that way it worked perfectly.