treeview error

When i put the treeview gridview widget on a seperate page it works like a charm, wheni put it in a tab container the whole page gives an error. Anyone any idea why?
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I did some extra testing:

I have an entity "entity1" with a self reference and it has an attribute of ID I have setup the treeview like this:

  1. entities item entities type: entity1.ID; sort attribute: entity1.ID;

  2. relations item association owner: entity1; assocation reference: entity1.ID/entity1.ID;

  3. rendering item applies to type: entity1; displaymode: value; attribute entity1.ID;

Then I try to put it in a page:

container: scroll container

list view with entity1

dataview which listens to the list view

the treeview is in the dataview.

when i try this the page just fails

When i put the treeview directly in the listview the page opens but crashes after 2 seconds

It will only work in a template grid

Anyone know what im doing wrong or how i can get this to work?