Translation of Links

Is it possible to translate the address value of the links based on the language selection?
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Hi Karthitha,

Depending on your set up:

1) if you have implemented the multi language set up in your model, you can show/hide based on a language attribute to choose/hide as a conditional visible element

2) if you have set up a default multi language set up ((project settings- different languages, whereby each language has another ses of system texts;, you can use a java action getCode to see which language an user is using, based on that you can again use (with helpers) conditional visibility or logic to show/generate (dynamically) different links

Another advice is to look at this topic:



hi Karthiha, 

it is not possible to have translate to link address.

the work around i can think of is to have a link address be configured by attribute and based on the language you can change the attribute value using a microflow