Please provide step to publish Restful service

Hi everybody, Can anyone help me to provide step by step clearly for publishing Restful service. I found some topics i think it's not clearly. If you can provide step via image, it make me easier. Also consume step, will be so good. Thanks.
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Regarding your second post to Marcel - As far as I know, Marcel is not a Mendix employee. Many people who respond to forum postings are not Mendix employees, including me. We are developers trying to help each other out.

I don't know what your training or introduction has been to Mendix. While it is a tool that makes software development quicker and easier, some training is necessary to get started. If you haven't taken the online training course yet, I would suggest that as a good starting point. This course does a good job of introducing common Mendix concepts and terms, as well as the Business Modeler.

Once you have completed the training course (and perhaps some Mendix classroom training), the content of the rest module documentation that Marcel referred to will be more useful. Without a basic knowledge of Mendix, the documentation and blog post probably will not help you.

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The documentation of the RestServices module is the best place to begin.

There is also a blog post, the documentation also refers to this:


Thank you for those links but in my understand, it's not easy to create because i don't see any menu or code or ??? to create. Please make it easier via image and text.

thank you very much


Hi, Marcel Groeneweg

 I am  your customer in Thailand, if you think your step it's very simply to create rest service.

So I think your tool is not easy for me because I don't understand your step at all that you say,
click at? and you just say create model but other?. Why you don't believe me ?

This is content that you tell me. "Building & publishing the search service With this domain model in mind, let’s implement the microflow that will be published. A REST published microflow always takes zero or one arguments, which has to be transient (with the exception of microflows that accept filedocuments). This one argument, however, can be arbitrarily complex and should represent all the parameters the service accepts. In our case, there are just three parameters: ‘q’ (for the query), ‘offset’ and ‘limit’. The return type of the microflow is a list of non-persistable CommandLineView objects. The REST services module doesn’t allow you to publish operations that work with persistent objects to enforce the best practice to not directly expose the inner state of your application to the outer world (the exception to this rule are file documents since they have no transient counterpart). Since these non-persistent objects force you to separate the concerns of state and view, you can always refactor your domain without the side effect that your external API changes. To summarize, this results in the following domain model for our API: "

In next blog " The RestServices module can be downloaded from within the Mendix Business Modeler in the Mendix Appstore into any model that is build with Mendix 4.4.4+ or Mendix 5.3.1+. The RestServices module depends on the on the Community Commons module, version 5.4 or higher. Download this module as well if it is not already part of your project. TODO: connect userroles and layouts (mx 5) [Optional] If you want to publish REST services or use the data synchronization features, add IVK_OpenServiceOverview to your main navigation if you want to use the administrative features of the RestServices module. Make sure to map your administrative project role to the Administrator role in the RestServices module as well. [Optional] If you want to publish REST services, add StartPublishServices to the startup sequence of your application. Also, the 'rest/' request handler needs to be opened if running in the Mendix Standard Cloud (or on premise). It is strongly recommended to not use the default HSQLDB engine if you want to publish RestServices while running locally. "

In other parts, I am OK such as how to use widget << it's OK to clearly to use it but not this part. You have to check content in your link that you provide before, some link died. it's not good for your answer.

Your product i's not free, please make it's easier. or you think we have to pay training cost to you as well?