Calendar focusing on desired time

Hello, I'm using the Calendar widget to display the activities and appointments in week view. It automaticly starts at the top (00:00, start of the day), but I want it to start at 07:30. Now the user would have to scroll so the top of the screen starts at 07:30, which isn't desired. Is there a way to make the calendar widget focus on a certain time slot, and how? I would want the end result to look similar to this: Kind Regards, Brent Vos Edit: link with screenshot
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This is managed thru the option 'minOption' of fullCalendar which is not available as a property yet. If you know how to adapt the widget you can add it.

line 515

            eventLimit: this.limitEvents,
            minTime: "07:30:00"

of course creating a property and adapting the interface is the most elegant way.

            eventLimit: this.limitEvents,
            minTime: this.minTime

There was a pull request for the Calendar widget that addresses this feature (scrollTime). I have included this:

We will include this in the next release later today (waiting for some feedback on an unrelated issue first).

If there are more feature requests, please include a pull request on Github or create an issue there