what is the meaning of mendix domain object type System.FileDocument and are these object types predefined and what are the significance if this object type?

There is an object with type as "System.FileDocument" There is also a table in mendix db ""System.FileDocument" which contains list of files with id and all these files are stored in local drive with name as id of this table. Does that mean, every object of  type "System.FileDocument" ,will be associated to this db table "System.FileDocument" and the respective file to which this object refers exists in the local drive? Somebody please suggest on this.
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Hello Ashirbad,

That's correct - the FileDocument table can link to a file on the local drive if one was uploaded.

For details on how to work with the file document type see https://docs.mendix.com/howto/data-models/working-with-images-and-files

Hope this helps