Not all incoming mail processed

I have a number of incoming emails. Java action RetrieveEmailMessages processes these mails. It processes all emails that have no attachments. It processes MOST emails that have a pdf attachment. But not all of them. Some emails remain in de Inbox at the provider. The log file says: Processing a list of incoming emails with a size: 1 tr10000: ERROR - EmailIMAPPOP3: Error has occured while processing incoming email: Re: Visitekaartjes. The email will be hold in the INBOX folder and will processed with the next import. tr10000: ERROR - EmailIMAPPOP3: (1/118) java.lang.NullPointerException: null tr10000: ERROR - EmailIMAPPOP3: (2/118) at imappop3email.actions.EmailHandler.processMultiPart( tr10000: ERROR - EmailIMAPPOP3: (3/118) at imappop3email.actions.EmailHandler.processEmailContent( tr10000: ERROR - EmailIMAPPOP3: (4/118) at imappop3_email.actions.EmailHandler.readEmailMessages( etcetera How to get this emails processed?
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I ran into a similar situation, and I believe this is caused by an IMAP server not following the IMAP spec properly, at least according to this article by Oracle.

I've implemented the suggested changes in this article - here is a Gist with the code. Please give it a shot by replacing your file with this and let me know if you have any luck.

By the way, who is your email provider? I had trouble with GoDaddy.