DeepLink behaviour different on Acceptance and Production

Hi everyone Our app sends an email with a deeplink to new users who then register anonymously. The problem is that the link can only be opened once on Production. On the Acceptance system, a new user can click on the link, close the browser and do it again later, but on Production, the link must be used the first time you click on it, otherwise it no longer works. We have checked all the obvious things, the system constants are correct and the URLs make for the only difference. We know that the DeepLink CleanUp job is not involved either. You would think Acceptance and Production systems are supposed to be virtually identical, but in this case they are not. What could be the reason?
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In your production environment management page, in the Network tab, check your Request Handlers. Chances are, someone added /link/ to acceptance but forgot to do so for production. Make sure that /link/ is both in the list and enabled for production.

Hope that fixes your problem.