How to import multiple excel files in multiple entities using Mendix.

Hi Team, We have few applications which contains one common import functionality as explained below : 1) We have 5 different excel files(all files are different/dont have same columns) which will be imported in 5 different entities say A, B, C , D , E.  2) Can we import all 5 files in their respective entities using single click ?? just by providing the path\location where all import files are placed . user just have to click on browse button and provide the path. Once he click on import button all 5 files  should be imported in their respective entities . I am using 7.9.0 version and do let me know if you have implemented/planning to implement in any Mendix version. Please do let me know as soon as possible. Thank you so much in advance. Regards, Pradip Pokale
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Hi Pradip,

You can create a microflow that can retrieve the files that you want to import and their excel import templates and then use the java action "StartImportByTemplate". As long as you can determine which file/template goes together then this is possible. I would look at a microflow in the excel importer module called "IVK_ImportTemplateDocument" as a good reference.


Hope this helps!


Hi Austin,

Thank you for your reply.

can you please let me know how can I retrieve files from any location that I want to import?

Also I am facing issue in doing iteration in 5 input files like select one file at a time and do import by selecting respective input template.

So can you please provide more idea about it ? Maybe more information which can help me in developing this solution. Thank you in advance.