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So working on my first app.  Following the tutorials it all seems so easy until out on my own lol I have a page with a datagrid and a list of projects.  I want my user to click on the project they want, hit an open button and call another page to open the details of that project.  Seems easy enough. So on the first page I have an action button with an activity to show page and passing on my project object.  Seems to work. Now on the detail page the first thing I want to do is create a task list with all open tasks assigned to the current user but filtering them only showing if they apply to the current active project.  This is where I am totally lost!  I at first had a datagrid but that does not allow Context for data source.  I changed it to Data View which takes context so allows my object passed to be referenced. But now how do I go and filter out only tasks associated with my current project.  Struggling here on this one :(
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Hey ivan, 

Seems like you figured out your initial problem. But here's some advice for your second question.

At the time when you create your task object you can associate it with the relevant Project and the relevant Account (be sure to add these associations in your domain model).

When you then show a list by association to the Project you have known in your dataview (by context) you can use a bit of Xpath to retrieve only the tasks which apply to the current logged in user. 

It would look something like this:


Just make sure that you set the association to the project and the account entities when you create the Task object in a microflow.

There are other ways to do this as well.

Hope this helps you get started.


Thanks, this was SUPER helpful and I appreciate the visuals.  So I implemented it as you described  which makes perfect sense and I havent built the task functionality yet allowing me to add tasks.  Once I do I will be able to test that out.


Out of curiosity I originally had an association of task_user.  What is the user vs account system members?  Just curious as to why we use this one and why it seems there is a bit of redundancy there in terms of functionality.