Custom OData Module that Allows JSON Responses

Hello all, We're currently working on building a published OData webservice in our Mendix app. It's my understanding that Mendix 6 does not support returning JSON responses from exposed OData resources. This is fine for reporting tools like Excel and Tableau, but real estate industry standards demand webservices to have a greater scope. To address this response-type issue my team was planning on building a custom OData module using the Apache Olingo library. The module would allow users to expose Entities and Attributes from the UI of the Mendix application that the webservice is running on. I'm open to any opinions and guidance from the community regarding this issue. Below are some questions that I have myself. 1. Are OData JSON responses planning to be supported by any future Mendix versions? 2. What kind of documentation or help is available for implementing a module of this complexity?  I can already see a few challenges that we'll run in to for which the solutions aren't obvious to me, like configuring resource URIs and allowing users to expose resources and attributes from the UI. Thanks for your help!  
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The OData V4 which is supported from Mx 9.11 and upwards support JSON response.