Proper relationships AND Getting data from an onscreen text area into an entity.

I have two Entities A for employees and B for events associated with them. The association between them is B -> A and it is a * - 1 relationship. Whenever I try to make it A -> B, it ends up being * - 1. I would like to make 1-* such that a single A can have many Bs. Now, A and B have an attribute ID, kind of like a foreign key. Ideally, I would want every instance of B to be associated with some instance of A through this ID. Now I have a form where users can create instances of B, and a data view connected with B. For a user to select which instance of A to associate with B, I've created a drop down reference which calculates the sum of two fields in A using a microflow. This sum gives me the full name of the instances in A and it is easier for users to select this rather than directly using the ID. The problem here is, how do I now get the correct ID into the instance of B? I have dragged some data from the association into a text area and it gives me the correct ID of the Employee (B_A/A/ID) whose fullname was selected from the drop down. But how do I save this value? I can see the correct value onscreen, but I cannot pass this into a microflow or directly copy it into another field. Please help me.
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Have a look at this introduction