Cant connect to local MySQL database

l want to use a local MySql database to test the behavior of my application but I'm not sure about how I configure It. Haven't found anything about it in the documentation as well. I tried setting the url as jdbc: mysql:// and setting the databasename in the Database Name property but it throwed the exception "com.mendix.systemwideinterfaces.MendixRuntimeException: Invalid port number in JDBC data store URL: '3306/databasename'". Anybody knows the right way to configure it?
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When performing an on premise deployment on MS SQL you have the options: Host and name, the host is the ip address of your database server and the name is the name of the database that you're trying to connect to. See this documentation page In the modeler the options are URL and Database name. Try to set the URL to either loaclhost or your ip address and the name to the database name.