Lost ID information when OData in excel

When I retrieve data via OData into Excel 2013, the ID information is rounded. <br? in="" excel="" it="" is="" displayed="" as:<br=""> 2,53327E+15, where the data in the cell is: 2533274790395910 This looks ok. But the last digit is alway 0 So it converts the values From --> To 2533274790395909 --> 2533274790395910 2533274790395906 --> 2533274790395910 Is there any option that the real ID numbers are imported into Excel?
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You need to use the PowerPivot functionality of Excel. In the PowerPivot ribbon you can find a Manage Data Model icon. If you open this, a dialog is displayed where you can specify the data type per column. For IDs this needs to be set to "whole number".

Power Pivot data model

In the PowerPivot data model dialog you can also visually manage the releations between different entities.

BTW: if you look at the data in PowerPivot you see that the information is still there, so nothing is lost. Excel just has problems displaying large numbers.


This is the limitation in Excel that long data type is not represented properly (see OData representation). Have you tried to change the column type to string as suggested by Microsoft?

If all else fail, I suggest you to use PowerBI instead.