Restore Full Backup from Cloud

When restoring a full backup from the cloud, I can download a file with the postgress database and the filedocuments to my local environment. After restoring the database I get the following error when trying to open a random filedocument: File does not exists. I can imagine that the path to the filedocuments is locally != to the path in the cloud. Where can I change this path or is there another way to restore a full backup from the cloud?
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In your project directory, you'll find a deployment directory. Open the data / files subdirectory of the deployment directory. This is where you'll need to place the contents of the files directory you retrieved from the cloud. You'll need to unpackage them all from the .tar.gz file that you've downloaded. Once you do this, the contents of the data / files directory should have a number of folders with (typically) 2 character names.

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