Best way for a list of questions

Hi, I need to create a mobile page that will have a list of questions on it with Yes or No radio buttons.  The list of questions shown will be dependant on the value of an attribute in an entity. So I may have 10 questions in total, but some users will only see 7 of them, another maybe only 5.  the answers to the questions will form part of data that is gathred when using the app and then committed into an entity.  I don't know whether to put them as attributes in the entity that is committed, or create an entity per question or can I have them all in one entity called Questions and still control whether they are visable to certain users?     Hope that makes sense!
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Hi Ben,

Why wont you use an extra entity, for example "Questionnaire" and associate this with a Question entity. Then you can re-use your questions, connect them to specific questionnaires and based on your attribute value you can retrieve the questions from a specific Questionnaire. Hope this helps you on the way.

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