Warning: not all your incoming mail is processed by the IMAP POP3 widget correctly

At last, i figured it out: - some e-mails are not processed by the IMAP POP3 widget, these are e-mails with an calendar invitation and emails that come from certain sending providers and containing emails. The IMAP POP3 widget processes these e-mails in a different way: - it fires an error into the logfile; - it returns NO error to the microflow calling the java receive email action; - it does NOT delete the e-mail from the inbox at the provider; - it saves a record in your incoming e-mail table; - it does NOT associate the email to the emailaccount you used; - it does import all attachments but does NOT associate them to the email. I think this is an error, but it seems not possible to it through the support desk. Next week I will discuss this behaviour with Melvin. I will post the feedback below.
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Gerard, it was nice seeing you at the Meetup. I'm happy we could fix your issues with the module.