Condition for visible and required fields issue on newedit page

Hello, I have a field that is set to required and also has a visibility condition. When the field is not displayed (by default) the form saves without issues. If the field is made visible by the condition value being met, then hidden again by changing the condition value the form will not save or provide notification that a requirement is needed (as the field is hidden). Questions are: 1) Is this a known issue? and if yes is there a timeline to a fix? 2) Is there or can anyone think of a work around for this problem? Thanks.
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I have ran into similar issues as well. I worked around this by replacing the save button with a microflow button and handling validation in the microflow when applicable.


This is still an issue in Mendix version 6.7.0.

Will this be fixed in a future release ? It costs me a lot of unnecessary work and time to work around this issue.