Published web service is not accepting qualified elements

Hi guys,  I hope someone could help with this. I have exposed a web service and the wsdl was autogenerated in a way that a qualified elements are not accepted. For example: This fragment is accepted: ....          <header>             <verb>test</verb>             <noun>test</noun>             <revision>1.0</revision>          </header> .... , while this is not being accepted and treated to be different (ns1 is of course defined on the top of the SOAP message as usual): ....            <ns1:header>             <ns1:verb>test</ns1:verb>             <ns1:noun>test</ns1:noun>             <ns1:revision>1.0</ns1:revision>          </ns1:header> .... Do you know a solution in regards to this issue? Are you aware of any way to influence the generation process of the WSDL? Thank you very much for your prompt replies!!! Best, --Kaloyan
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