ws-doc on Sandbox?

Hi, I'm using Mx 5.18 and deployed my application in a Sandbox for a demo. It has a SOAP webservice that works just fine (I can connect using SoapUI)but I dont get the pages on <cloudurl>/ws-doc/ as it worked on my local machine on http://localhost:8080/ws-doc/ Why is that? Is there a way to publish the webservice documentation on the cloud just like it is on the local machine?
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In the standard cloud you can set this per environment. This used to be restricted because setting this page open to anyone might not be a good idear. That could be the reason that this setting is (not yet?) available in the Sandbox. You can always produce the needed XSD files from your local environment (and do not forget to adjust the endpoints to the URL of your Sandbox). So I can imagine that this enhancement is not high on the to do list of Mendix.