Constant Security Alert pop-ups that complain about a invalid certificate from

Hi, I don't use Mendix software or even really know what it is. I *assume* that some other piece of software on my  computer is using some Mendix-provided library or analytics plugin or something. Roughly every 10 minutes I get one of these windows popping up on my screen (this morning, I had hundreds of these windows on my screen): If I click "View Certificate, I am informed that the offending certificate is issued to There is no indication what application this is coming from (again, I've never used Mendix software, and don't have anything from Mendix directly installed on my computer). At this moment, the only foreground applications I have open are PuTTy, Altium Designer, Slack, and Chrome. And the following background apps are running: Google Drive Sync, Nvidia Drivers, Adobe Creative Cloud, node.js, Audio Drivers from Realtek, and Tortoise SVN. Does anybody know if any of those applications leverage some software from Mendix that might be causing this annoying pop-up? Closing everything has not caused them to stop showing up. A google search did not reveal anybody else experiencing this.
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Certificates are simply a signature of a website/service that tell the client accessing them that they are authentic. You don't need to have anything installed from Mendix to get the above, I assume you get it from Chrome (Do you have any tabs open that link to Mendix or a Mendix App?). The odd thing is the certificate you're showing seems to be issued to the right domain, and I personally haven't had any issues with Mendix certificates or heard about anyone else that has them. 

You can find a lot about certificates on a quick google, or see ,this will explain a bit about HTTPS and certificates.

Might be a good idea to update your browser and see if that fixes it.

Hope this helps