RTE viewer underlining some parts of layout

I'm using a Rich Text Viewer on some parts of my application, but on each page that has this widget my layout seems to get messed up (mainly the top bar and any tab containers) See example: I don't have a stylesheet filled in, as I don't want this to use any special stying. Should the Stylesheet setting refer to my custom.css file or something like that?
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Rich text editor is an old widget with custom implementations and based on an outdated library. This makes it hard for Mendix to maintain this widget and the reason why it isn't actively supported. So I would not encourage you to use that widget.

Does this widget bring you functionality which the CKEditor currently lacks? The CKEDitor also has a viewer widget and is covered with a better support category in the App Store.

Update1 Strange that the CKEditor also causes this behavior. Is it difficult to reproduce this? You can also try the Format String widget for the job. It has a property 'Render as HTML'