Find active parts of model

Is there a way to check which parts (microflows, forms, etc) are actually used in my model? After some days, weeks or years of developing some parts of the model often get obsolete, like testforms, copied forms to try someting etc. With 'active' I means: accessed direct or indirect from menu and scheduled tasks. Sure I can use: 'Find All References' bottom-up but that is a lengthy process.
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In 2.5 you have the function to find all unused items. Edit -> Find Unused Items. However, becareful with just deleting anything that is not used. Java actions and microflows are sometimes called from another java action. In this case the modeller will not be able to detect this and thus show them as unused.


There's no way to check this currently. For microflows it would be hard to tell considering they can be called from java code as well. For forms this would be a nice feature request. You could file a ticket in MXDN