Need solution on required messages

Dear Guys, I created an app for registering my customer with some required fields and each field had a microflow for validation something. I found that if I submitted the form, the required field messages had been occurred. That was good but if that field had a microflow validation and the validation had done. The other required field messages had gone. What should I do if I want to release alert message field by field, even some field has a validation from microflow? It makes you clearly, just run my app on the sandbox and get through on the menu (Marketing -> Register Customer) and then just click Next button. Now you'll see the required messages. This is the climax. You just click on the passport radio button then you'll see what I mean. P.S. sorry for Thai language on the field label. Thank you
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Setting required to yes on the widgets can help prevent useless server roundtrips.

However, when you combine them with microflow validations, the user will not see the microflow validations when a required field is not entered. You could set the the microflow settings to allow the call even with validation errors. But that defeats the purpose of preventing useless roundtrips.

Generally I don't mix and match.

For very basic master tables, required=yes on the widget with some domail model validations will usually suffice.

For more complex entities, I skip widget validations and domain validations and put everything in the microflow. One exception is unique constraints. A bug in the microflow logic could cause duplicate data. As a precaution I add unique constraints as domain model entity validations.