Random sort order of retrieved list in Nanoflow

  For my offline application I need to show a list of objects in alphabetical order. Since sorting can not be done in Nanoflows I tried to resolve this bij using a helper entity. Whenever a new main object is added, the complete helper entity is deleted, and rebuild in alphabetical order (in the web application). By doing this the helper objects are generated in alphabetical order, so i hoped retrieving them in my nanoflow would return the sorted list of objects based on the created order.  However, the list returned by the nanoflow, over association, has a complete random order on the native app. When i retrieve the same list, with the same nanoflow, in the web application the sorting is perfect. Does anyone have any idea on how to fix this? Or how this sorting on the native app is determined?  
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Resolved by committing inside the iterator instead of committing the entire list at the end of the MF when creating the helper objects. 

Not a neat solution, but it works.