How Confirm Microflow works

I found confirm button is very useful. However it has limit that it has to be in a Data View.  But if I have no data associated to it, it will not work.  What I did was : I have to put it into a data view, which it listens to a data grid.  But I have to select one row from the data grid, then click on the button, then it will work. Otherwise, it will not work. Is there any fix that I can, at least, make the button visible only when I click on the row? I checked the confirm button widget, it does not have the visible attribute for me to choose.      
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Hi Ping,

  If I understand correctly, the fundamental problem is that your 'listen to' data view has a button showing even when nothing is selected in your data grid.  This is compounded by the fact that the 'Confirmation Button' popup does not have the visibility controls of other Mendix widgets.  To solve your problem, try the following:

  1) put the Confirmation Button widget inside a 'Container' page object

  2) open up the Visible configuration menu on the Container settings

  3) use the 'based on expression' option to determine visibility

  4) Use the expression: $currentObject != empty

This will hide the entire container until an object is selected.