I got problem using CropImage module

Dear Guys, I downloaded Crop Image module from App Store and I tried to use the module but I found that I couldn't crop the image I uploaded. it was a problem of crop area. The crop area always followed my mouse. Help me pleaseeeee. T_T Thank you.
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There was a similar issue reported to our support about the image crop module. The widget is currently under review and we will update the module soon, this should fix your issue as well. I expect to have an update in 1 or 2 days.


We updated the widget inside the module, today we're updating the Image Crop Module in the AppStore. You can already use the new widget by downloading it from Github: https://github.com/mendix/ImageCropModule/blob/master/src_module/widgets/Cropper.mpk?raw=true

Replace the Cropper.mpk that is currently in your project with this one. It should work fine.