Sorting list for loop

Hi all, I have an orderHead which is associated with several orderLines. Each orderLine should have an orderPosition. That is an consecutive number. E.g. orderHead orderLine/orderPosition = 1 orderLine/orderPosition = 2 orderLine/orderPosition = 3 ... To create the Postion number, I cannot use autonumber, because the user can delete and add orderlines and I would like to keep position numbers consistent. I have implemented the following microflow Create NewOrderLine & associate to OrderHead Retrieve list with all orderLines associated with orderHead Sort List by date created Loop through the orderLinesList and set orderPosition $IteratorCurrentOrderLineSorted/OrderPosition + 1 This works fine. Except, I cannot force the Loop to use the sorted list. Adding sorting seems to have no impact on the sequence that the list is looped through. Any suggestion or pointers?
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Do you use the output variable of the sorted list as list (iterator) for the loop?