Checkbox set selector - many to many relationship

I have an entity A whose many objects can be associated with many objects of entity B. So therefore I have a many to many association between A and B. I have the dataview of A and I have B as a checkbox set selector within the dataview of A. The problem is that when I select the checkboxes(objects of B) for a certain object of A, it changes for all the objects of A and is same for all objects of A. Why does that happen? I should be able to set the associations for an object A to objects in B and that should be saved only for that object A alone and should not change for all objects of A. I hope its clear.
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The checkbox set selector creates or deletes relationships between objects. If you configure it correctly it adds one relationship between object of entity A (for example A5) and object of entity B (B6) if you tick that box in the matrix. Should be visible in A5 and B6.

Edit: There is no dataview of A in my example. Instead a C dataview with a checkbox set selector A and B