Tools for making a membership site

I'm looking to make a subscription membership site, integrating paypal or another processor for the payment processing.  I have a WP site, and looking to use my mendix app as the paid content. Is there a way to make this work with Mendix?  I'm new to this, but believe I can construct the mendix application.  Just need guidance with adding the paid subscription model to it.  Free trial, and paid memberships with restrictions on content based on subscription level. Looking for similar features as WP MembershipPress or to be able to integrate with such a wordpress service.
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You can accomplish this by setting up your security correctly. A paid vs free trial membership could be different user roles. Then on your entities you can have a flag that differentiates between paid vs free content, and then when you setup your access rules on your entity, you can constrict one role to only show free content. 

Here is some helpful documentation:


Hope this helps!