How to manage a protfolio of apps ? Why is sprintr limited to single app ?

Since Mendix is promoted a platform, clients have the need to manage multiple projects (apps) at the same time. And typically a Mendix team works on multiple projects (apps) simultaneously.  Sprintr is single app and gives no support at all to manage workloads across projects, and this is really a missing functionality. A a result, clients run away from the platform and use jira or other technologies. My questions: Are there solutions to manage workload across apps - as a Mendix app/module? Has Mendix the intention to invest in sprinr to resolve this major gap?  
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There is no appstore app for this and to my knowledge no option to enhance sprintr.

Totally agree with you: Sprintr needs to mature some more. Also: support scrum better by adding Epics. And by adding 0 and 1/2 to the pokerpoints.