Creating validation rules (QR)

Hi All,  I am trying to create a treasure hunt app. The concepts are 10 teams to join the treasure hunt, there will be a microflow that generates random variables for each team and subsequently they will get different puzzles to solve. Once they solve the puzzle, they will be able  to find the hidden QR code and that QR code would be the answer for the riddle. I need to create the validation rules that validate each of the riddle, i.e. the teams can only move to the next round if their QR code is correct. We currently have 2 entities as attached.  I just wonder how to create these validation rules. Could someone please help? :) Thanks a lot
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I think you miss the entity with all the answers of the team. Create an Answer entity where you store the taskNumber and the AnswerString when they correctly scanned the QR code. Because then you only have to compare the AnswerString with the AnswerScan. If they match they have a correct answer and can go on to the next task.

Does this help?