Can anyone help with these error messages? We are unable to get our app to function properly.

1) The selected page 'Contact_Us' expects an object of type 'Contact_Us', which is not available here. 'Home'Property 'On click' of action button 'action Button8' 2) Empty caption template. 'Caption template' of text 'text2' 3) No 'On click' action specified. Action button 'action Button2' 4) No entity configured for the data source of this data view. Select an entity or change the data source. Data view 'data View7' 5) Move this widget into a data container, for example a data view or list view. Custom widget 'google Maps1'   If you are able to help with any of these warnings that would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!    
2 answers

1. You need to pass an object of type Contact_us to the page. If your button is not in the contet of such an object, call a microflow, retrieve or create one and open the page.
2. The Caption contains an empty template. 

3. There is a button without any logic. Right click on the button and select an onclick action.
4. The dataview does not have an entity configured that should be shown in the microflow.
5. Your widget needs to be inside a dataview, templategrid or listview.

Sorry to say that, but all of these error messages are pretty much self explanatory. I really suggest doing some of the trainings you can find here:


If you have additional questions about error handling, you could make this course in the academy section