C# example writing data to mendix via web service

Hi All, try to fugure out which steps are needed to write data via a webservice to mendix. The webservice is working via soapui. However can't figure out whicht steps to follow. I imported the reference in my sample C# project but can't figure out the basics. Doe anyone now? below the sample static void Main(string[] args) { var auth = new authentication {username = "XXXXX", password = "*******"}; var xx = new eArchivePortTypeClient(); xx.Open(); var c = new AddCarrier { Carrier = { CarrierId = "10", CarrierType = "Cloud", Size = 10000, FileType = "MXF", SourceFileAbsolutePath = "sourcefile", ViewProxyUri = "viewproxy", CarrierLocationName = "S3Bucket", ContentItemFileName = "sakfjsdkfsdklj" } }; xx.AddCarrier(auth,c); xx.Close(); } it runs untill the part i try to initialize Carrier thanks
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Most of the expertise you'll find here is centered around the stuff that happens within Mendix. In your case, I believe you're looking to call a Mendix-exposed SOAP web service, which would be just like using any other SOAP web service. Here are a few articles that popped up with a quick search:

How-To # 1

How-To # 2