JSON export mapping: Set value as null if it is define decimal in JSON schema

Hi All, If the data type is decimal in the json schema and I want to send null value instead of no json field. How can set value it from via call a microflow in mapping (as I saw it in https://community.mendix.com/link/questions/88815)?  if I set attribute as empty even then it does not come to json string.  I am kind of stuck at this point. Would you please  provide some suggestion? Thanks  
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This may have been added functionality since you've posted this question, but maybe this is helpful to future readers :)

There is a setting in the Properties tab of your export mapping where you can have it to send empty values.

This should work for all data types, so decimals, dates, strings, etc.


In the export mapping open the mapping screen and select the microflow to convert your decimal to a string.

In the microflow the result should be something like this:

Hope this helps you a bit further in finding a solution.