how to open a HTML page from Mendix

Hi, I want a provision to open an HTML page which contains something like help content or some general contents from an Mendix link button.  I tried to put the .html file under my project under theme folder, but when I try to access it, it gave me file not  found 404 error. Could any one help me on this? Thanks in advance
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If you want to use an existing html file then you could place this in the theme directory and then open the file with a link button making sure the target is your environment url followed by /htmlfile.html

If you are running on localhost:8080 and the file is named testMx.html the link button target should be:  http://localhost:8080/testMx.html

Using the attribute option would allow you to configure the url to make sure this will work on the different environments. Using the html/javascript widget is also a good option and would allow you to open the file in a new tab e.g.


Hi Ping,

You can use the html snippet to load the html file or just copy and paste the html into this widget.




I did try it this way.

I put a 'test.html' under: <myproject folder>/theme

And I put http://localhost:8080/test.html

But I got 404 error shown below. Is there security related to this?