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I successfully integrated Google maps version 1.2.1 into my project and that is working great. Of course some additional requests: - The Google balloon contains standard the address and the marker attribute. I would like to fill the balloon completely by myself via rich-text, meaning not standard including the address and you have the possibility to add hyperlinks and pictures to it. - Make use of the standard GoogleMaps hyperlinks at the bottom of the balloon which makes it possible to open the GoogleMaps and hold the marker or create a from to route, etc. When you now open GoogleMaps by clicking on the address in the App the marker is gone. - Specific for my project: search on x,y coordinates and the addition of polygones. I think that also a question that soon will be asked (usefull for CRM) is to create a route. In that case you need two addresses (the address of the logged in user and the selected address), but you also have to define the height and the type of map.
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You can use the Rich Text Suite to write a Description that you can then use as the marker attribute. The balloon will show the text the same as you made it in the editor!

I'll put the Address append issue on the to-do list, to make it into something more user-friendly.


Marker based on status (enumeration)