use of CSS selector in GroupBoxHelperWidget

Hi all, I'd like to use the GroupBoxHelperWidget, but I do not know how to use a CSS selector to Config this widget in order to change the GoupBox Caption. Our App is still on Business Modeler 5.12 so thats why I like to use this widget. I have to use this widget for developing a FAQ page. The name of the question is in the group box, and if the user select the plus sign, the answer will be shows. The page has an templateGrid, and each question has its own groupBox. The attribute is called 'Vraag'. Does somebody have some examples of an CSS selector for placing the attribute 'Vraag' in the groupBox header? thanks in advance, Michel
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Wouldn't it suffice to simply add the attribute you want displayed in the header just above the GroupBoxHelperWidget? That's how we always used it.

So if I recall correctly, the setup would be: Groupbox > Inside the groupbox add the attribute you want in the header, below that attribute add the GroupBoxHelperWidget.


Its didnt worked as expected as shown below

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