Dynamic possibilities in google maps

Hi all, I would like to add google maps to my application, with the possibility to see where my own geolocation is, but also where added other users are seen on the map with their geolocation, whith the possibility to filter, what people are visible. Any ideas if that is possible (in the near future)? Pim
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Hi Pim,

If I'm not mistaking you'll have to create a phone native app for this to make use of the GPS in your mobile device by using Phonegap .

When you're able to run this application on a phone natively I would take a look in the Appstore for GPS widgets that could possibly help you. After that you could use a google maps widget that shows you where you are at that moment and where other people are at that moment. 

There is however a challange in showing the live location because you'll need to refresh the page regularly to change the location when you or other people are moving.