Contact administrator error when opening Edit item page

Hello all! I have a page that is used to both create and edit entity objects.  My application also has multiple different security roles.  When I open the page for one of the roles, I am experiencing a "An error occurred, contact system administrator" error.  From what I can tell, the page looks and operates fine after dismissing this error.  I checked the console log, and the following error is there.  This only happens for the one security role.  It happens when creating a new item, or when editing an old item.  I can not replicate on my local version.  Does anybody know what causes this or how to fix it? Thanks! 
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Looks like a widget error. Do you use a custom widget on that page? Try removing it,

You can test locally with this option enabled (Bundle widgets...)

Some errors in widgets only appear when bundled.

regards, Fabian