Page redirect not working for iOS devices

Hi all,  I use SAML SSO and in my index.html file, there is this code: <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;URL=/SSO/" /> This redirects you to the SSO page, we put this in so our users can still use their existing link to the app.  This works on Windows desktops and Android phones but it does not seem to work on Apple devices, we've tried iPhones and iPads (running Chrome and Safari) and it takes us to index.html ignoring the redirect.  Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Do apple devices not recognise that code?   EDIT:  I've found at the the iOS devices were for some reason going to 'login.html' rather than index.html which other devices we're going through. I've added the redirect into login.html. Does anyone know why the iOS devices may have gone to a different place
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Did you try the full path instead of the relative path? So I have heard problems before if you did not use the full path.