How to remove /p/ from the app url of a page

Hi Team, In general when we add url for a page and access it we can see the url as "https://hostname/p/<customepagename>". But as per the client requirement they don't want to see '/p/', and it should be looking like "https://hostname/<customepagename>". So is it possible to achieve this? and if so please describe the steps to achieve this? Thanks in advance.  
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Hi Sushuma,

If I read the documentation on the URL of a page, I don't see an option to change that prefix /p/ natively.

A possible work-around to create another URL could be (maybe too much effort, the mendix forum is a good example of this usage):

  • use the Set URL widget to rewrite the URL of the shown page to https://hostname/page/<customepagename>
  • use the deeplink module, set the RequestHandlerName constant to "page" (in this example) and configure microflows to show the correct pages

Or if you really don't want any prefix: write your own requesthandler in Java...

Kind regards,