Warning: errors in new version of IMAP_POP3_mail

Please be aware that the use of the 15/11/2015 of the IMAPPOP3mail widget may result in 'java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException 1 >= 1' errors importing no e-mail at all.
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First of all, we're glad to help you out!

Be aware that this is a question and answer forum, posting warnings isn't the purpose of this forum and isn't going to help you.

Getting support through our support desk on modules or widgets, in a certain timeframe, depends on the support category of the content and your SLA. However, you can always post your issue on the GitHub repository.

The issue you are experiencing hasn't popped in the tests we executed, so please tell us more about what specific situation you want to have resolved by filing an issue on GitHub https://github.com/mendix/IMAP-POP3-EMAIL/issues or file a ticket in our support desk if you have a SLA.