Non responsive microflows and associations in a windows environment

In our production environment (Windows server and MS SQL database) we encounter regular (every 2 weeks) that several microflows (buttons) do not respond anymore or only respond after a refresh. We also encounter that several associations do not load anymore or load very slow. Conditional visibility does not work as well.... The CPU and memory load on the server does not show any irregularities. After restarting the Mendix service we can solve the problem. Does anyone know what can cause this problem ? (Cache?) Thanks!
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Theo, I think that you should inspect the monitors more thoroughly. Check the disk latency when the retrieving of objects are slow. Because either you have a long running microflow (but this should also show up in a higher CPU load) or there is a lock on a record(s) that prevents the other microflow to fetch the object. Long running microflows can create a bottle neck making the system unresponsive.