App Server Sizes

Hi all,  We are currently reviewing whether we need to upgrade to a larger server size. Out app is currently on the Strato (small) plan. We've started initial rollout so we have about 100 users, with an average of 5 concurrent. As we continue you the rollout it will grow to about 6000 users, and hundreds of concurrent users.  Is there a way for me to see the size (disk usage) of my app? Is there any guidelines on what size server you need? Does anyone have any helpful/general tips on this from their own expirence?
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The current usage can be seen at the metrics page in the cloud portal.

The needed container size depends on a lot of things. Disk usage and amount of users are not necessarily linear to each other. It really depends on what your application is doing.


Hi Garion, 


I would reach out to your Mendix Account Manager - they have a nice way of estimating the required hardware/machine size which. It is based on a formula and applies some assumptions, but it will give you a flavor of what you might need to be looking at.