Do upvotes prioritize ideas?

When looking at the idea forum, it seems like a lot of upvotes do not prioritize ideas. Maybe I am wrong, but if you sort the ideas by number of upvotes you can see that there are some extremely popular ideas (some of them already pretty old) where you can not even see feedback on. I was asking myself if there is some set of rules behind the idea forum and the number of upvotes or if it is just arbitrary (I hope it is not). If there are rules, is there a documentation page where it is explained? I am sorry if this question sounds a little offensive. It really is just a request for information because I know that some people are a little bit disappointed with the idea forum. There has been a thread some months ago where some mendix guys told us that they try to leave more comments on idea forum ideas. I don't really know if this happened.
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Hi Andreas.

This is something I have also noticed.
I've also noticed that when an idea is flagged as "planned" it can mean anywhere from a week to 3 years.

I made this doc a while


I talked to someone at mendix a while back, and the explination the I got was that once every quarter Mendix hosts "delighter days" where employees pick an idea from the idea forum and work on it.

I think some ideas are too big to leave to some fun adhoc development days, and I agree that it would be nice to get an official statement on the state of the idea forum :D 


It is actually pretty common for a forum to have 'older' things being brought up again by giving it a push or bump by commenting on it to make it seem more recent than others. IMO the ideas forum should have a user ranking as well as a section where we can see the developers priority ranking - feel free to create an idea in the idea forum ;)


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This topic is only a few days old but is already in the top 3 of the most popular forum topics of all time. I think this speaks for itself.


(Updating with working link) This issue is currently documented in Idea Details Page, specifically, "The upvotes will be used as input for the Product Managers and the Mendix Community MVPs to decide which features will be nominated for implementation." If further guidelines are made available for publication, the doc will be updated.


It’s sad, but it seems like the correct answer is: “Not at all.”

Most upvotes of all time. Still closed.