widgets.js generator

As far as I have seen this in 5.16.1 Mendix generates a local widgets.js file with references to the widget source-files and a merged file in a deployment package. It this assumption is correct is it possible to optionally turn this merge locally on to check for errors?
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In 5.21 this is a setting in project settings, 2nd tab (Model).

There is a radio button just underneath the enable page template option, this option 'Enable widget bundling' does this. However I'm not sure when this feature was introduced. I think this was introduced either in .20 or .21

I'm not aware if this is possible prior to 5.21.


Jasper is correct, this was introduced in 5.21 and not possible prior. Have a look at the changelog under 'fixes': 'Added project setting "Enable widget bundling" to always bundle custom widgets when deploying. (Ticket 384320)'