Create a planboard

I want to create a planboard in my application so that I can the rows represent a teammember and the collums represent the time. In that planboard I want to show the planned tasks and I want to have the option to plan and change with drag and drop. Does anyone know a solution foor this so that I can build up a complete ordermanagement system in Mendix?
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Hi Patrick,

Please have a look at

I have created a Proof of Concept with it, including drag and drop. though it is not finished.

Please contact me, if you want me to (continue) build this widget for you.

Cheers Andries

andries @ flockofbirds . org


Hi Patrick, I am not 100% sure what you are looking for, but you can take a look at the calender widget from the appstore. It does not allow drag and drop, but you can use it for to display the time and dates.