Not able to get array of objects on a page using callREST in a microflow.

Agenda- Want to display a list of object(entity)  on a page, which will be coming as a JSON response from POST request in the microflow with some other fields. Tried way- I created one microflow which calls REST API. I used import mapping for getting JSON response. I tried post request from the microflow used import mapping in the application. I could receive other fields than the array of JSON objects. (I can access using "show message" in the microflow). I found null for an array of JSON object. I am not sure whether mapping I have done is correct or not. Please suggest a way to meet the agenda. Following is the microflow which I have created. following is the import mapping I have done.
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It seems like you're retrieving your sms_messagelist over association. To actually fill the association, make sure you set it in your import mapping.